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Valley Park leases two locations to Hercules Laundry Company in order to provide laundry facilities. Laundry rooms are located at the rear of 1804 Shipley Ave. and 1060 Hunter Ave. Last wash should be no later than
8:00 PM. Laundry room closes promptly at 9:00 PM. Belongings left after closing can be retrieved the next day.


Washing machines and dryers are owned, operated, and maintained by Hercules. Should you experience any problems with these machines, you should report it directly to Hercules by calling 1-800-327-9274 or you may place a service or refund request by visiting them on the web at


Furthermore, for your safety, laundry room entrance doors are locked at all times. In order to gain access, you must use a key. Keys can be picked up at the Manager’s Office during normal business hours. Keys are free to keep and are for residents of Valley Park only.  



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